5 Reasons for You to Switch to a Smart Water Heater

Published on : January 23, 2023

The innovation in smart home technology is gaining pace with the increased consumption of modular appliances. These smart devices can provide convenience & comfort at your fingertips. While home appliances such as smart refrigerators, smart air conditioners, and smart thermostats are gaining popularity in the market, water heaters are also following suit.

These smart devices offer unparalleled control over your household appliances, enhance productivity, and make life more convenient. In addition, water heaters have technologically evolved over time with smart features like IoT, so upgrading your water heater is worth considering. 

What is a Smart Water Heater?

Regular water heaters can monitor the water temperature in the geyser. These are conventional water heaters that provide hot water at a predetermined temperature. The major factor that separates smart heaters from conventional water heaters is their ability to control them at your convenience remotely. You can easily manage your smart water heater through your smartphone app with Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Let us look at smart geysers and help you understand their benefits as you consider making a smart move to buy one:

Saves Time 

As said earlier, these smart water heaters help you access the geysers remotely. So instead of running your geysers the whole day, you can set it as and when you require a hot water shower. In addition, a smart water heater is eco-friendly and sustainable compared to other water heaters since you can schedule the bath time not once but multiple times. You can also track your daily energy consumption on your smart device.

Saves energy

Using water heaters with smart modes ensures energy conservation with your choice of hot water applications. Also, smart heaters allow you to track the temperature and time needed to get your hot water. Thus, running your geyser only when needed at the right temperature helps you optimize energy consumption.

Control device remotely 

You have complete control over the functions of a smart geyser at any time and from anywhere. For example, these modern smart geysers can provide live data on your water heater temperature. You can also set your water heater to switch on and off at predetermined temperatures daily. 

Ensures Safety 

Smart water heaters come with intelligent error codes. Even with minor changes in power consumption or tank overheating, the system will notify you via your smartphone. In case of any malfunctioning or service need, the smart application will trigger a code which can be shared with customer care for assistance.

Enhances Appearance 

These smart water heaters are modern and sleek. They are handcrafted with extreme care to blend in with your decor and spice up your bathroom. And since smart water heaters are connected to your smart device, you can do away with the extensive wiring, and large switches are better suited for traditional water heaters.


Upgrading to a smart geyser alleviates the user’s lifestyle. A. O. Smith’s Smart Water Heater is simple-to-use and environment friendly. You can schedule your water heating, customize bath modes to the temperature you prefer, monitor daily energy consumption, and set a timer to ensure your water heater turns on and off at appropriate times.

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