All you need to know about Heat Pumps

Published on : July 22, 2022

Water heaters are essential for every household. As technology has evolved, we have witnessed the advent of several efficient, convenient and feasible alternatives to heat water, and the heat pump is one of them.

Here is everything you need to know about heat pump water heaters:

What is a heat pump?

Heat pumps are devices that use electricity to transfer thermal energy from one point to the other. Instead of generating heat directly, a heat pump water heater absorbs heat from its surroundings, effectively “pumping” it from one place to another, and uses it to heat the water.

How does it work?
Just like a refrigerator transfers heat from inside to outside to produce a cooling effect, a heat pump operates on the similar principle, but in reverse. A heat pump pulls in heat from its surroundings and transfers it to the storage tank of the water heater, where it increases the temperature of the water, while releasing cool air outside. The most common type of heat pump water heaters are air-source heat pumps which transfer heat between indoor & outdoor air.

Why use a heat pump?
Heat pump water heaters are extremely energy-efficient devices that use a fractional amount of energy to transfer heat, while also efficiently drawing heat from its surroundings. This allows for faster and efficient heating of water as compared to a regular water heater. With decreased electricity consumption, you can save big on your electricity bills as well.  .

Who can use a heat pump?
Heat pumps work well in milder or hotter climates, and can be installed for home or commercial use. It efficiently heats up large quantities of water quickly and can come with storage capacity up to 450+ litres. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient and cost effective alternative for water heaters that last a long time, check out A.O. Smith’s range of heat pump water heaters. Be it commercial or residential use, find the right heat pump to suit your needs with A.O. Smith.

Heat Pumps with a  coefficient of performance of 3  is more efficient than an electric water heater by 60% which means it can heat almost twice the amount of hot water for the same amount of energy input.

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