• What capacity water heater is required based on the usage pattern?




    1, 3 & 6L



    Bucket bath

    6, 10, 15 & 25L



    Normal shower

    15 & 25 L



    Body Shower

    35 & 50 L



    Rain shower panel

    50 & 70L



    Bath Tub

    100 L

  • Where can the water heater be installed?

    Different installations require different capacities of water heaters. In kitchens for example the hot water requirement is minimal and you need a very small capacity water heater. Overhead showers use a lot more hot water and you need a water heater with a much higher capacity. Jacuzzis and whirlpools have the maximum hot water requirement and for these installations you will require very large capacity water heaters.

  • Will it be installed in a warm or a cold climate?

    Given that in colder climates the ambient temperatures are lower, the heating element will take longer to heat water to the desired temperature. In such colder climates, it helps to have a larger capacity water heater to ensure a steady supply of hot water.

  • What is the suggested family size for using a certain capacity of water heater

    Large-sized families, especially where within a few hours many members use the bathroom, it helps to have a larger capacity water heater, to ensure a steady supply of hot water for everyone.
    We have given you a rough idea [see below] of the capacities required for average use. Do remember that capacities vary according to family size, water usage patterns and weather conditions – in colder climates, for instance, hot water consumption is higher.

  • How to choose between a vertical and a horizontal orientation
    1. Besides choosing the capacity of the water heater, you will also need to choose between horizontal and vertical models. Smaller water heaters [6 to 25 litres] are usually vertical models, many of these usher in a new elegance. Typically, large water heaters [35 litres and above] are available in both vertical and horizontal models. These are generally cylindrical in shape with few embellishments and can be installed in lofts as well. Depending on the space available in the installation area, you can choose between horizontal and vertical models. A. O. Smith has a range of really attractive vertical and horizontal models, in capacities from 1 to 100 litres.
  • How effective is the inner container[tank] of A.O.Smith water heaters?

    The inner containers [tanks] of A. O. Smith Water Heaters are constructed using a heavy gauge mild steel and Blue Diamond® technology.
    A. O. Smith offers 5 to 7 years warranty on the inner container [tank].

  • How does the Quality of Water Affects the Inner Container [Tank]
    1. The quality of water has a major effect on your water heater. Hard water contains high levels of mineral salts like calcium and magnesium. The minerals present in the hard water can cause scaling. Scaling leaves behind a white, chalky kind of salt deposit in the inner container [tank] and on the heating element. The problem is particularly acute in areas where the water is very hard [large dissolved salt content]. Over a period of time, this residue keeps building up and starts interfering with the efficiency of the water heater. 
  • How good is the heating element of A.O.Smith Water Heaters?

    The elements in A. O. Smith Water Heaters are glass coated which is the most effective in the industry for prevention of scaling. This also extends the life of the water heater.

    A.O. Smith has a range of capacity water heaters with dual heating elements. This helps heat water faster and in case one of the unit fails the other acts as a backup ensuring that the water is heated. It is recommended in all areas that have hard water.
    A. O. Smith offers a 2-year warranty that can be extended to 4 years if registered within the first 2 months of purchase. Once again, this is the longest in the industry.

  • How does the quality of insulation affect the water heater?

    A.O. Smith water heaters use high density, high quality extruded PUF. This provides a superior insulation blanket which retains the heat generated by the heating element in the water stored in the inner container [tank]. It saves more energy.

    A. O. Smith Water Heaters also have a safety valve that helps to relieve and discharge water in case the water pressure or temperature overshoots the pre-set limits. The safety valve opens up and discharges water through the drainage.

  • What are the safety features in A.O.Smith Water Heaters?

    Protection against very High Temperatures and Pressure

    While accidents with water heaters are rare, most of the accidents that happen are largely caused by absence or failure of safety features.

    A. O. Smith Water Heaters, have a thermal cutout which rapidly cuts off the live and zero line simultaneously, effectively cutting off the electricity supply in case the water temperature exceeds the highest pre-set temperature and ensuring safety.

    A. O. Smith Water Heaters also have a safety valve that helps to relieve and discharge water in case the water pressure or temperature overshoots the pre-set limits. The safety valve opens up and discharges water through the drainage.

  • Does the water heater come with a remote control and digital display?

    Controls and Settings for your Water Heater
    Few select water heaters have remote controls. Remote controls can be used to pre-set temperatures and the time at which the water heater starts and stops. A. O. Smith has a range of water heaters with corded and wireless remote controls and user-friendly settings. The remote control that enables the water heater to be installed in the loft with easy access to all controls through the remote panel.

    The digital display can be used to set temperature, real time clock, quick heating and power options. It also shows the actual temperature of water inside the water heater as well as the electricity consumed in units.

    A. O. Smith Water Heaters have built in LCD displays and user-friendly controls. Users can select the set temperature within the range of 25°C to 75°C and an input mode of 1kW, 2 kW or 3kW. The pre-set settings will not change in case of a power cut or the power plug being pulled out accidentally.

  • Will the water heater blend in with the décor and colours of your bathroom?

    A.O. Smith ColourMatch System®
    A. O. Smith Water Heaters are very well designed products with the outer cover manufactured to give it high gloss, sheen and finish. Most water heaters in India don’t have any colour options. Only A. O. Smith offers you the A. O. Smith ColourMatch System®. The system allows you to match the colour of your water heater to the colour of your bathroom. A. O. Smith Water Heaters come in white or ivory outer jackets with decorative front panels of the same colour. These can easily be changed to any of the eight different colour options.

  • How good is the after sales service and warranty?

    A. O. Smith, has a dedicated Service Centre that can be contacted toll free at 1800-103-2468. The A. O. Smith Service Centre, is reachable Monday to Friday: 9 am to 8 pm and Saturday to Sunday: 9 am to 6 pm.