Remove Impurities from Water with RO+UV Water Purifier

30th July, 2019

Drinking water is essential, but what matters is that you consume the best quality of potable water, rich in essential nutrients. Different people have different opinions regarding the quality...

Benefits of drinking clean water for children

25th July, 2019

Ideally speaking, children need between 1.5-2 litres of water a day, although this depends on their age, build, activity levels and more. You can always invest in a water purifier online by...

Easy and Effective Ways to Purify Water

23rd July, 2019

In a country where waterborne diseases result in over 10,000 deaths annually, we don’t need to emphasize why there is an urgent need for a water purifier in every household. While higher...

Bottled Water V/s Purified Water, The Big Debate

18th July, 2019

We have all been a part of the ongoing debate regarding the purity and safety of bottled, mineral water. While a lot of people prefer bottled water over RO water, there are quite a few factors...

The Best Ways to Reduce TDS in Drinking Water

16th July, 2019

Although it is pretty evident that the water we consume directly is most often contaminated with harsh chemicals and particles. These undissolved minerals in water can prove to be health...

Is RO Water Good For Health

11th July, 2019

Most homes trust an RO Water Purifier to keep their families and loved ones safe with potable, healthy drinking water. But not everyone has made peace with RO Purifiers yet. It is often...

What is RO UV and UF Water Purifier

4th July, 2019

Clean drinking water methods like RO UV UF in water purifiers are a must in today’s day and age. ‘Dirty water’ harms beyond just water-borne diseases. The real slow killers are contaminants...

Which Water Purifier Is Good For Home

2nd July, 2019

With the onset of monsoons comes the worry of protecting your family from all sorts of water-borne diseases. From flooding to sewage mixing with the drinking water, anything can lead to health...

How to make sure your water purifier is working correctly

Check your RO Water Purifier to make sure you’re Drinking Right!

29th March, 2019

Drinking from water purifiers, especially Reverse Osmosis water, is considered to be one of the safest and healthiest options, provided you’re checking the purifier regularly to maximise its...

Reasons why AO Smith is the best water purifier

If it’s purified water, it must be AO Smith

29th March, 2019

With numerous infections and health problems on the rise, we can’t help but wonder whether the food and water we consume is potable and safe. At AO Smith, we persevere to bring to every home, the...