5 Common Myths about Instant Water Heaters

4th January, 2021

A. O. Smith water heater fixed inside a bathroom

Instant water heaters have substantially improved hot water access for many modern homes. These instant geysers are compact and convenient, suitable for an average home. There are still some myths attached to the uses of instant water heaters. If you’ve been contemplating back and forth about buying a water heater for your home, use this article as a reference. Get all your myths and all the doubts clarified before you buy water heater.


Instant Water Heater Myths

For every revolutionary piece of technology, there are always myths surrounding its uses. The instant water heater is among this list. Here are a few myths debunked about electric instant water heaters.


Myth 1: Inadequate Water

There is a common misconception that only traditional water heaters are able to provide an ample amount of water. This is not the case. In fact, the latest water heaters are equipped with providing enough water for the user at all times. Instant tankless water heaters have the sole aim of keeping all the incoming water at a consistent heated temperature. Traditional or storage water heaters may be collecting hot water for quick use, but A. O. Smith instant water heaters are reliable as well and provide adequate water.


Myth 2: Expensive

This judgment of instant water heater price being expensive is a common myth. Instant water heaters help you save in the long scheme of things. A. O. Smith has a range of water heaters that are energy efficient and will not burn a hole in your pocket when it is time to pay electricity bills. Water heaters tend to consume a large amount of energy, but with a smart A. O. Smith green water geyser, you will hardly notice this hike.


Myth 3: Overheated Water

The myth surrounding the overheating of water due to instant water heaters is a false one. The reality is actually quite the opposite. Overheating used to be the case in older traditional storage water geysers. The existing water in the tank would get reheated if there was an inadequate amount of water in the cold water inlet. Instant water heaters are built to provide a safe and optimum temperature of the water as per your needs. Choose the best water heater in India with A. O. Smith and enjoy a safe and hot shower any time you want.


Myth 4: Inspection and Annual Servicing

Gone are the days when water heaters and geysers needed to be inspected at regular intervals. That may have been the case with ordinary water heaters that demand servicing every few months. But with a reliable A. O. smith instant water heater, leave this worry behind. As long as you don’t find any oddities in your water heater usage, inspection is not a priority. If you notice any leaks or corrosion, contact your service centre as soon as possible.


Myth 5: Constant Flow of Hot Water

Some think that with an instant water heater, you won’t get an inflow of continuous hot water. It is assumed that after a point, the heating will subside and cold water will pass through the faucet instead. This is a complete myth that can be busted easily. It is not possible for cold water to obstruct the flow of hot water because the water passes through a heating element before finally flowing from your faucet or shower. This process in itself ensures hot water access without any interruption.

Get only the best and trusted instant water heater for your family’s comfort and safety. Browse through A. O. Smith water heaters and buy water heater online. You can also visit a store near you and choose the one most suited for your home after consultation. Contact us for assistance and more information.

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