5 Latest Water Heaters for Your Modern Home

4th January, 2021

Your family deserves a relaxing hot water bath. Choosing the right water heater for your home requires some research. In today’s age, homes are becoming more and more modern and functional. Replete with the latest technology and built, these contemporary homes need only the best water heater in India. A. O. Smith has a range of water heaters that will fit right into your space and add class and comfort to your baths.


Here are some of our picks of electric water heaters that will suit your modern-day home


The Minibot

A. O. Smith Minibot Water Heater

This is the latest water heater in A. O. Smith’s collection. Why settle for ordinary, when you can have more? The Minibot is not just a water heater; it is a piece of art. Its cutting edge technology and impeccable design make your bathroom and kitchen look beautiful and rich. This water heater is designed for homes in high rises with bar tank pressure rating. Stronger construction and long lifespan make this the perfect water heater to fit in your home.



A. O. Smith EWS 3 (4.5 KW)

The EWS 3 models are an ideal choice for water heaters today. This instant water heater provides superior quality and a longer warranty period. The EWS series of water heaters are available in elegant colors like white and a pristine ivory shade. This electric water heater price starts at Rs. 4000/-. Invest in this A. O. Smith water heater that is affordable and value for your money.



A. O. Smith Heatbot SZS Water Heater

One of the key advancements in water heaters is the eco-friendly options available today. A lot of people are opting for an environmentally friendly water heater. The A. O. Smith Heatbot SZS series of electric storage water heater is your answer. This is an energy efficient water heater helping you save monetarily, as well as saving the environment. It has features like a smart timer, wireless remote control, and energy consumption display.



A. O. Smith HPW-80 air-to-heat water heater

The HPW water heater gives you quick heating in an energy-efficient way. This A. O. Smith electric water heater series falls under the air to heat water heater category. These water heaters use thermal energy from the environment to heat water. Thus, making it an eco-friendly and safe option. With a digital display, automated functions, and reliable safety features, this is an ideal water heater for your family.



A. O. Smith HSE SDS Digital Water Heater

A water heater in a modern home needs to look just as good as it performs. A. O. Smith caters to just the right water heaters to comply with these requirements. With the HSE SDS water heaters, you get a variety of colors to choose from for your water heater design. This electric storage water geyser is built with blue diamond glass and anode rod to prevent corrosion. The HSE SDS series is another feather in the hat for A. O. Smith’s energy-efficient water heater collection.

Choose among these extraordinary water heaters by A. O. Smith and be rest assured. Let us take care of aspects like safety, design, quality, and warranty of your water heater. You, focus on enjoying the relaxing hot water bath after a long day. Find an A. O. Smith store near you and buy a water heater today! Contact us for more information.

With A. O. Smith water heaters, just fit it, and forget it!