When Should You Service Your Water Heater?

4th January, 2021

Your water heater should provide you with instant hot water as and when you need it. You may find that the water seems to take longer to heat. Or that the temperature of water keeps fluctuating. Or, you might find a damaged water heater pipe. If these concerns sound familiar to you, it may be time to get your water heater serviced. If you continue using a damaged water heater, it can result in some major risks like skin burns. With an A. O. Smith water heater, you are at minimal risk and maximum convenience. A safe water heater for your home ensures a safe and healthy family.

This raises the question of how frequently do you need to service your water heater. There are certain warning signs that you can make note of that may turn into bigger problems. It is best to go for a water heater repair at the advent of one or more of these signs itself.


Warning Signs to look for in a Damaged Water Heater

Subsided Water Pressure

If you notice the pressure of your water to have suddenly dropped, it can be due to your faulty water heater. This may be due to an overload of minerals and kinds of particles that cause the hot water flow to decrease. Get your instant water heater checked for build-ups like these. Alternatively, this may also be due to a malfunctioned pipe or an error in the installation of a water heater. To enjoy hot showers and not get cold, service your water heater.


Leakage from Water heater

This might be a rather obvious sign that indicates a water heater repair. Leakages and small water formations around your water heater are not hard to spot. Although, it is important to note that not all leakage may be easy to keep a note of. Some could be lodged in areas difficult to see in one glance and end up causing a bigger problem at hand. To avoid such a scenario, make sure to do a routine check of and around your water heater at least once in two months.


Discoloured Water

Another glaring warning that your water heater requires maintenance is an odd colour of the flow of water. If you open your hot water taps to find rusty and dirty looking water, it might be due to your water heater. It may be that one of your pipes has corroded. One way to treat this problem is to drain as much water from the water heater you can. This usually drains out all the discoloured water from the pipes and is a temporary, but viable solution. In case the water continues to be rusty and metallic, then the issue lies in your water heater. Call for water heater servicing and get a complete check-up and fixation of your water heater problems.


Frequency of Water Heater Servicing

An average water heater is built to last about 8-10 years. You may have installed the best water heater in India, but without timely maintenance, the water heater lifespan can shrink. This duration of time is affected by a number of external reasons. The expertise of installation of your water heater, the quality of your water heater, and your timely maintenance of it play a major role in its lifespan. It is advised to get a deep cleaning of your water heater done once a year.

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