Why You Should Bathe before Sleeping

4th January, 2021

There is a lot of debate over whether it is better to bathe during the day, or after sunset. Some people choose to start their day with a bath to energize, while others end their day with a relaxing bath, ready to turn in and sleep. The idea of starting your day with a bath is a traditional one followed more commonly by a majority of people in the Asian part of the world. But today, we are going to discuss the benefits of bathing later in the day, instead of first thing in the morning. A bath with heated water before sleeping has a lot more advantages and positive effects on your health than you may be aware of. Let’s look at these in more detail.


Benefits of Bathing before Sleeping

Get Better Sleep

For anyone who has issues falling asleep, taking the benefits of a hot shower before bed will result in you falling asleep more easily. Even for those who don’t have insomnia, showering before bed helps you relax and de-stress as your day comes to a close. Bathing a little before you sleep has known to have a positive effect on your sleep cycle in general. There have been several studies to back this theory.

One particular research team conducted a study to analyse the very phenomenon. They studied the correlation between water temperatures and sleep quality. The results of this study revealed that people who bathed with hot water about 90 minutes prior to sleeping had a better night of sleep, and they woke up feeling refreshed. They fell asleep roughly 10 minutes earlier than the people who went to bed without having showered.


Lower Body Temperature

Bathing at night before sleeping wires your system into thinking that it is time to wind down. How does it do that? It’s basic chemistry. A normal person’s body temperature drops by about .3 to .5 degrees at night. This is when the person typically starts feeling sleepy. For those who find it difficult to fall asleep easily, a hot shower or bath before sleeping tends to do the trick. You are basically tricking the body by bathing with hot water and raising your temperature, after which it naturally falls. This helps you fall asleep sooner.


Cleaner Bed, Healthier Skin

Being well-rested and sleeping through the night is important for one’s mental and physical health. And your bed, therefore, should also be clean and neat. Do you really want your days’ worth of sweat, grime, and pollutants to live in your bed with you? The best way to avoid this is by bathing and ensuring a clean environment around you when you go to bed.

Another advantage that comes from showering before bed is that your skin gets its own benefits. The chances of breakouts are lesser due to the cleansing of the skin. This paired with enough sleep helps your skin glow and reduces acne or spots.

Get into the habit of taking a hot shower before you go to bed, and you will soon see the difference in your sleep patterns and quality. A. O. Smith has a range of water heaters in India to choose from.

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