How Much Water a Day Should You Drink?

How Much Water a Day Should You Drink?

4th January, 2021

Drinking plenty of water is a piece of advice we hear almost every other day. Doctors, parents, elders are always talking about the importance of drinking water from an RO water purifier. But there has always been some vagueness about how much water do you actually need to consume. Contrary to popular belief, every person does not require the same 2-3 litres of water every day. The answer to the question of how much water to drink depends on a number of factors. Your lifestyle, age, body weight, medical conditions, etc. come into play in deciding the same.


Factors that determine how much water you should drink in a day

Info-graphic on how much water one should drink every day



Age is the most obvious factor in deciding how much water one needs to consume in a day. Small children and pre-teens need about 1 litter of water a day. If they want to have more than that, that is fine, but it is no compulsion. Teenagers and adults should have about 2 litres of water, minimum. There are several benefits of drinking water for children and their growth during this stage. The quantity of requirement varies depending on a person’s day to day life and physical activities as well.


Body Mass

It’s fairly self-explanatory. The amount of water your body needs correlates with how much bodyweight you carry. A 50-kilo person and an 80-kilo person will need different quantities of water throughout the day. The latter’s body will demand more water to keep the organs operating smoothly. Adding to body weight, factors like profession, amount of physical activity you do, and your food habits too, play a role in measuring your water consumption.

An info-graphic suggesting how much water one needs a day according to their weight



The phrase “eating for two” told to pregnant women is actually factual. This applies to their water consumption as well. Since they are carrying a whole other human inside their body, they need to drink a lot more water than they did on the usual. The doctor usually tells the woman the amount of water necessary for the development of the baby and to avoid any complications due to dehydration. Depending on the woman’s weight and BMI, her water consumption increases by a litre or more.


New Mothers

A new mother needs to have an increased intake of water for a number of reasons. Having just given birth, she needs to keep hydrated to compensate for the loss of energy during labour. Breast feeding is also a major factor that demands higher water intake. The process of lactation needs the mother to drink at least 3 litres of water a day. For a new mother and for small babies, choose only the best water purifier in India. An A. O. Smith RO and UV water purifier provides pure and baby safe water for your family’s safety and health.


Physiological Factors

Environmental factors like living in areas with higher humidity would by default require you to drink more water and stay hydrated. For people living in such areas, you should consume no less than 2-3 litres of water, depending on the other factors. This applies to adults as well as children who tend to be physically active and sweat more, thereby losing body fluids. It is best to invest in a water purifier in India and drink enough water that is safe and purified.

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