Bottled water vs purified water, the big debate

Published on : July 18, 2019

We have all been a part of the ongoing debate regarding the purity & safety of bottled mineral water versus water purifier. While a lot of people prefer bottled water over RO purified water, there are quite a few factors that can make you worry about the former’s quality. Some brands claim that they add excess minerals, even though the body requires only a certain amount. There are others who are ambiguous about their sources of purification of water.

Moreover, as we are all aware, plastic bottles aren’t just a hazard to the environment, but to our bodies as well. That is why even packed water has an expiration date. If you don’t believe us, check it for yourself. Thus, They can cause major health issues in the long run.

What is Purified Water?

An RO Water Purifier is enabled with a 5 to 8 stage purification process. They have a number of benefits that make water healthy and safe to drink. This helps eliminate even the smallest of particles in the water. It also has a TDS controller which reduces the TDS levels, thereby providing you with healthy RO+UV water. Bisleri water TDS levels have been found to be high. If you have installed a water purifier for home, you’re also well aware of the source of water.

1. Cleanliness

2. Convenience.

Bottled Water v/s RO Water
Cleanliness of Bottled Water

In spite of the numerous marketing activities big brands engage in, the biggest drawback of bottled water is not just its source, but also the fact that it is sold in plastic bottles. Plastic alone isn’t biodegradable and on exposure to sunlight, it gradually begins to mix with the water it holds within. This leads to major health problems. The TDS levels in bottled water brands such as Bisleri are on a higher scale, deeming it harmful.

Cleanliness of RO Water Purifier

RO purification systems are extremely efficient in terms of purification of water. In fact, this method is also used by some mineral water manufacturers because of its growing popularity. RO filters don’t just remove the harmful contaminants from water, but the Mineraliser replenishes back the lost nutrients which our bodies need. RO systems can also be paired with a water softener so as to cater to the consumer’s need for soft and purified potable water.

Convenience of Bottled Water

Needless to say, bottled water is the easier option that you can purchase on the go. But at what price, quite literally? How certain are you can you be of its purity and safety?

Convenience of RO Water Purifier

An RO purifier will use the water that comes to your home or workspace, so you’re certain of the source. It might take a tad bit longer than simply picking up some packaged water, but you can study the whole process and be assured that what you’re drinking is absolutely safe. With technological advancements, the RO Water system is energy efficient as well.

The environmental impact of bottled water against RO purified water is also a major factor to put into comparison. As we all know, plastic bottled water depletes the environment and environmentalists have been fighting against its use. RO purifiers, on the other hand, are environmentally safe, and though some use plastic, they are majorly are completely biodegradable.

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