HPW 80 Air to Water Heat Pump






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Key Features

  • Effective and Efficient

    This water heater effectively and efficiently uses thermal energy from the environment to heat water.

  • Electric Heating Element

    This water heater is incorporated with a 3kW heating element which helps in quick heating. If the temperature is set above 50°C then the heating element is activated. Users also have an option of heating the water completely in 3kW mode.

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    Energy Saving

    This water heater is a highly efficient, energy saving and environment
    friendly device. While running in energy saving mode*, users can save
    up to 60% on electricity costs; when compared to a conventional
    electric water heater. *when set to 50°C temperature & under standard test conditions

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    Digital Display

    This water heater has a built-in digital display for readings and key parameters for ease of operations. The user definable functions and parameters are setting of Mode, Timers, Override, AES [Adaptive Energy Saving System], Temperature Setting, Hot Water Display Quantity and Power-off Memory Function. The diagnostics of the units malfunctions can be shown by the LED display.

  • Warranty

    This water heater uses international quality compressors and high quality accessories and materials. With our careful manufacturing and strict quality control, we assure you the best quality and long life; is backed by 7 years warranty on the tank and 2 years warranty on the whole unit.

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    Intelligent Control Features

    Intelligent Control Features

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    AES [Adaptive Energy-Saving System] Function

    This water heater has unique AES feature which adopts the heating cycles to the water utilization habit of the user. This enables water heater to switch on automatically at required time, saving energy by minimizing thermal losses.

  • Instant

    Users can select electric heating by pressing override key and water heater starts electrical heating immediately to reach the pre-set temperature.

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    Automated Functions

    This water heater has automated functions that monitors several critical functions and adjusts operations to maximize performance and reliability.

  • Display of Hot Water Amount

    This water heater has a function of displaying amount of hot water available.

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    User Settings

    This water heater can be set by the user to operate in different energy modes:
    The high efficiency mode uses only environmental heat to heat the water upto 50°C.
    The hybrid mode uses the heating element only if the set temperature is > 50°C
    The electric mode in which the heating element directly heats the water.

  • Programmable Timer

    This water heater timer enables the unit to switch on automatically at pre-set times of the day, in energy saving mode.

  • Power-off Memory Function

    This water heater can retain the set information for 48 hours, even in power off condition.

  • Glass Lined Tank

    This water heater comes with a special glass lined tank. This lining offers the protection against tank corrosion and increases life of the water heater & it is achieved through a specialized fusion process. The tanks are designed to pass 1,00,000 cycle fatigue test. This makes it one of the best tanks resistant to rust and scaling.

  • Glass Lined Heat Exchanger

    Glass Lining of the heat exchanger offers protection against corrosion and increases life of the water heater. The lining is stronger and more corrosion- resistant than any other in the industry.

  • Safety Features

    Safety Features

  • High Temperature Limit Protection Switch

    This water heater employs a high temperature limit protection switch. In case any fault occurs and the water temperature exceeds the highest preset temperature then switch rapidly cuts off the phase and neutral line simultaneously to guarantee safety.

  • Safety Valve

    A safety valve for the water heater is provided and set while leaving the factory and it is not adjustable by the user. The safety valve must be installed at the inlet pipe of the water heater. This valve will relieve pressure automatically while the piping system exceeds the rated pressure. The discharge port of the safety valve and the condensate pipe should be connected to the floor drain through the three-pass discharge pipe. They should be mounted downwards continuously in a frostless environment and the pipe must be connected to the floor drain directly. Under any circumstance, the three-pass discharge pipe and discharge pipe should not be blocked or twisted and should be open to atmosphere


Water Heater Dimension
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User Manual and Leaflet

2 year warranty

The tank carries a 7 years warranty

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