EWS 3 (4.5 kW) – Instant Geyser/Water Heater

EWS 3 (4.5 kW)

EWS is the instant water heater for your kitchen. Think of it as a convenience or one of life’s small indulgences. Its superior quality and longer warranties provide you assurance and peace of mind.





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Key Features

  • Automated functions icon

    Elegantly styled water heater that matches kitchen & bathroom décor

  • Glass coated heating element

    Scale and sediment on the surface of the element can lead to premature failure. A. O. Smith Glass Coating helps to prevent scale formation and extends the life of the heating element.

  • A. O. Smith 5 years replacement warrany icon

    Longer warranties, 5 years in a tank and 3* years on element

  • Rust-proof Outer Body

    Superior quality ABS outer body prevents rusting. The elegantly styled water heater matches kitchen and bathroom décor.

  • High Rated Pressure

    The water heater has a high pressure withstanding capacity of 95 psi (6.5 bar equivalent to 65 metres water head), which makes it suitable for high-rise buildings.

  • Hi-tech Thermostat & Cutout

    It has a superior Thermostat. In case a fault occurs and the water temperature exceeds the preset level, the Thermal Cutout cuts off the power supply to assure safety.

  • A. O. Smith 3 year warranty icon

    Three Year Warranty On Heating Element

    This Instant Water Heater gives you a 3 years warranty† on the Glass Coated Heating Element.

  • A. O. Smith 5 years replacement warrany icon

    Five Year Replacement Warranty On Inner Container

    The Inner Container is highly dependable, it comes with a 5 years replacement warranty.


Water Heater Dimension
EWS 3L(4.5 kW)
Volume [L]

**Design, feature and specifications mentioned are subject to change without notice.

User Manual and Leaflet

2 year warranty

The tank carries a 7 years warranty

Colour Panels for the bathroom decor

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