Great people make
great work places

Our success depends upon our people - everyone sharing the values of A. O. Smith and working towards a well defined goal. We are proud of our inclusive and progressive work culture that has helped us to become a great place to work twice in a row.

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Our Values

A. O. Smith has a well defined set of values and guidelines that help us to conduct our business with a focus on our customers, employees and communities. We believe people are our greatest assets and so we treat each other with respect and dignity promoting High Trust, High Performance culture.

A. O. Smith will achieve profitable growth

A. O. Smith will preserve its good name

A. O. Smith will be a good place to work

A. O. Smith will emphasize innovation

A. O. Smith will be a good citizen

People @ A. O. Smith

The most valuable resources of A. O. Smith are our employees who stay strong and united irrespective of circumstances. The roots of our culture at
A. O. Smith is to inspire each other with statement in action
“Only I Can Raise the Bar”.

Life @ A. O. Smith

Life in A. O. Smith is filled with rich culture, integrity and fun at work . We are committed to ensure that all our people have a progressive growth path. Good performances are rewarded and an access to learning and development opportunities for our employees contribute to company’s strategic goal and career progression of the individual.

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How we engage with our employees

Consistent learning and development programs

Attractive pay for performance schemes

Annual value recognition awards

Chairman’s safety award

President's special incentives

Timely rewards and recognition programs

Women's resource network-Envisaged for the development of our women employees

Sunny Punyani

Branch Manager – Delhi NCR & Greater Punjab

I am with A. O. Smith for six years now! My time at the company has been filled with opportunities to learn and improve. With the kind of encounters, I've had with the company, I can say that I feel empowered. The leadership team of the company has successfully assimilated the goals and objectives, and all employees feel valued and recognized for their dedication and hard work. I am grateful for being a part of A. O. Smith family.

Payal Mamnani

Area Sales Manager, Goa

I got recruited as a Management Trainee in the Accelerated Leadership Program at A. O. Smith India and today I am managing a territory independently. It has been a tremendous journey so far. My sales stint has made me street-smart & spontaneous. I have had the fortune of working with amicable people & guided by teacher-like managers.

Sarada K

Sr. Sales Coordinator, Sales, Bangalore

I have learnt a lot professionally and personally under experienced supervisors, which molded me into a good human being. For me, this is more than a job. I thank the company for providing me with the employment opportunity to nurture my professional career and I am proud to be a part of it. A. O. Smith continues to maintain its name on the list of "Great Places to Work" year after year, and I’m sure the firm will continue to receive many more such accolades in the coming years!

Sandeepa T M

Sr. Engineer, Quality, Bangalore

It has been a pleasure to learn and grow with the team at A. O. Smith India over the past nine years. I am very appreciative of the team because working here has taught me a lot about the workplace culture. Glad to work with such amazing people of A. O. Smith family. Great Organization! Great innovations and concepts! Great workplace environment!

Kavya D C

Microbiologist, Engineering, Bangalore

My experience at A. O. Smith for the last few years has been amazing. I have got the opportunity to work with some great talents and learn new skills from them. We have an open culture where one can take risks, fail, and start again. I am always thankful to my mentors and looking forward for great learning experiences with A. O. Smith.

Akshita Sharma

Management Trainee – Accelerated Leadership Program, Hyderabad

I have had many good experiences with A. O. Smith . This is not just a place to work; it’s a place to learn, share, to grow and a place you trust the most. A. O. Smith's culture has its own standards and beauty which opens door to a great future. Thanks to all my mentors here , who constantly guide and support through my career at A. O. Smith.


“Decide what you stand for. And then stand for it all the time.”

Get ready for an exciting journey with A. O. Smith which is full of challenges, opportunities, rewards, and recognitions. A key differentiating factor of A. O. Smith is our values and guiding principles which are our cornerstones – the guiding force on how we operate and how we do business, which is with honesty and utmost integrity – the “SmithWay”

Innovation is in our DNA. We work as teams to find more efficient ways of doing our job and constantly work to develop the next generation of updated water heating and water treatment technologies.

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