Check your RO Water Purifier to make sure you’re drinking right!

Published on : October 2, 2020

Drinking from Water purifiers, especially Reverse Osmosis water, is one of the safest and healthiest options, provided you’re checking the purifier regularly to maximize its efficiency. Be it an old one or the latest Water Purifier, unless you’re regularly keeping it clean and well-serviced, the water is doing you no good. At A. O. Smith, we recommend checking your Water Purifier at least once every two months for the best benefits.

Here’s a Guide on How to Check your Water Purifier:

Step 1 – Quality is King!

The translucency of the water you are consuming says everything about it. Keep an eye on your water, because many a times, even the latest and best Water Purifiers may pour out turbid water if it is excessively contaminated and affects the filters quickly. Turbid water contains TDS impurities like lead, fluoride and other toxic particles, which an RO Water Purifier generally filters out, leaving behind only the good minerals. In other words, check if your Water Purifier works for hard water. So, if you feel either the taste of the water or colour is not what you see regularly, immediately call for Water Purifier service.

Step 2 – Pay Attention to the pre-filter

Owing to contaminated water adversely affecting the RO filter quality, at A. O. Smith, our range of latest Water Purifier is enabled with a pre-filter that traps the larger particles and heavy sediment, before passing through the Reverse Osmosis filter, thereby ensuring its longevity. Make sure yours is too!

Step 3 – Fit in New filters

Most drinking Water Purifiers are fitted with two filters, namely the sediment filter and the carbon filter. While maintaining the sediment filter helps strain out sediment and silt, maintaining the latter removes chlorine and other dangerous contaminants that affect the life and performance of the RO membrane. Continuous usage of filters without replacement transfers the impurities to your RO water, so make sure you replace your filter at least once every three months.

Step 4 – Replace the RO Membrane

For a complete multi-stage purification, the latest Water Purifiers are fitted with Reverse Osmosis Semi-Permeable Membranes which keep minerals intact while filtering out the impurities. Ensure that the membrane is replaced regularly for optimal performance. Of course, this depends on your water quality and usage.

Step 5 – Look Out for Leakages

Sometimes, even the best and latest Water Purifiers can give in to blockages and damage from harsh external factors. In case you notice any leakage or drips, make sure to contact a professional and get it serviced. Leakages can often lead to health problems, so make sure you get your RO Water Purifier serviced often.

Step 6 – Regular RO Water Purifier Service

It is essential that we be responsible while using a water purifier. Although, A. O. Smith offers long warranty, it is necessary that a service is conducted every month. Water Purifiers have a long shelf life, but even a minute impairment may result in major consequences. Hence, it is considerable to service your Water Purifier regularly. And, make sure, you ask the serviceman to check, and update you on the current condition of RO membrane, functionality, filter, and output quality of drinking water.

At A. O. Smith, we believe that health is paramount, and testing your Water Purifier from time-to-time, a necessity. To ensure you are doing it right, follow the above tips or simply connect with us for top-notch after-sales services of Water Purifier and filter.

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