How to choose an Instant Water Heater?


Instant water heaters are gaining popularity among consumers, owing to their compact size and quicker heating. These water heaters are used for varied applications in the households. Depending upon the requirement, consumers get them installed in kitchen or bathrooms. Instant water heaters are available in 1- & 3-liters capacities and feature high wattage of 3KW and in some cases 4.5KW for fast heating. These water heaters are easy to install and use. Selection of the right water heater is important for safe usage in the longer run.

There are various factors to consider before choosing the right instant water heater.

The crucial parameter while choosing a water heater is always it’s technology. Most important is the material and construction of the inner container (tank). Typically, Stainless steel (SS) is used, although SS has good corrosion resistance, the weld joints in the tank are prone to corrosion and leakage, especially in hard water conditions. A glass lined inner container is best suited for such hard water applications as glass lining provides utmost resistance to hard water and scaling. Typically, an anode is also used along with glass lined tanks that provides an additional layer of protection.

Instant water heaters should have good pressure rating as these are increasingly being used in high rise apartments and homes with pressure booster systems. A pressure rating of 8 bars is ideal for such applications.

Additionally, the thickness of the tank material plays a pivotal role in assuring a high-pressure rating and years of leak free performance. Glass lined water heaters typically have a 2mm thickness and are best suited for such applications.

Heating element plays a crucial role in providing consistent hot water as desired by the user. Heating elements made of incoloy material are proven to provide long lasting performance. A glass coating is also provided on the incoloy element to further enhance its durability. So, while choosing your instant geyser, do keep it in perspective.

Compact and modern designs that go with the house décor are sighted to be winners in the Instant water heater segment. The outer body is typically made of polymer material. An ABS (a type of polymer) body provides best fit and finish and retains its sheen for years. This also acts as a layer of insulation between the tank and surroundings. Instant water heaters should be compact to fit into tight spaces. The height of the water heater is important for installation requirements, especially for compact bathrooms where ceiling heights are shorter

Installations of these compact geysers are relatively easier. Space and adequate power supply are the basic requirements to get it installed and started.

With the increase in demand, many Instant water heaters options are available in the market. However, considering the above parameters is crucial while selecting an Instant water heater to ensure ‘peace of mind’ and a seamless product performance

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