Is RO water good for health?

Published on : July 11, 2019

Most homes trust an RO Water Purifier to keep their families and loved ones safe with potable, healthy drinking water. But not everyone has made peace with RO Purifiers yet. It is often questioned if RO Water is harmful for health. Especially when you are choosing a water purifier online, you do tend to worry about the authenticity of the product. Here at AO Smith, we completely understand that you want what is the best for you, and rightly so! So, here’s detailed information about RO Water Purifiers.

What is RO Water?

RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. RO water benefits your health in many ways. Reverse Osmosis is a technique of water purification that works in contrast to Osmosis. Water passes through a semipermeable membrane, made of Thin Film Composite which traps larger, harmful contaminants like lead, mercury, sediment, among others, leaving behind only clean and purified drinking water.

Now, what worries the consumer is that if an RO System traps all the chemicals and contaminants, does it also deplete the water of nutrients? Is it still as healthy and beneficial to consume?

Benefits of RO Water

There are several benefits of RO water purifier. However, there’s still a dilemma, “Is RO water good?” Another common concern is whether RO water is good or bad for health?

Well, these concerns are appropriate. With multiple water borne diseases and myths revolving around the topic – “is water purifier bad for health?” Since your family’s health is at stake. It’s important to be well informed and educated about the qualities of RO water.

There are several benefits of RO water, but these 3 points shall clear all your doubts:


An RO System ensures that every kind of impurity is eliminated from water; and you have access only to the safest, cleanest drinking water. These chemicals can often prove to be fatal in the long run, which is why you have to take utmost care and ensure that your RO Water Purifier is working well. RO water purifier from A. O. Smith pass through a minimum 5-stage purification and a maximum 8-stage purification including Pre-filter, Sediment filter, Carbon block, ART™ (Advance Recovery Technology™), Patented Side Stream RO Membrane, MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology), and ZX Double Protection Dual Filter*(SAPC + SCMT).

Reduces Sodium from Soft Water:

Most RO Purifiers are enabled with a water softener, which removes hard minerals from the water. Though excellent for cooking, cleaning, and other activities, the hard minerals are replaced with sodium molecules which often add an odd taste to the water. An RO purification system will reduce this sodium content and cater to your requirement of water that quenches your thirst and tastes great, all at once. If you’re investing in a water purifier online or in our stores, make sure your RO Purifier comes with a water softener, to enjoy the RO’s maximum benefits.

RO Water Tastes Better:

Owing to the fact that an RO Water Purifier filters out all the harmful chemicals and retains only the essential nutrients, rest assured your water will taste great!

Despite all these benefits, one fears that RO water is void of essential minerals, too. We can assure that this isn’t the case. The various membranes like the Carbon Filter and Sediment Filter are designed to remove those harmful elements while retaining essential nutrients. Moreover, a modern RO Water Purifier is enabled with Advance Recovery Technology™ and Mineraliser Technology which replenishes the essential minerals, even if lost. TDS Controllers help in maintain

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