HPW 60

The HPW Heat pump Water Heater is a state-of-the-art wall-mounted model which absorbs heat from the surroundings and uses it to heat water. As a result, hot water is generated in the most efficient way, with very less energy consumed. The Heat Pump Water heater user enjoys extremely low water heating costs and dehumidified cool air as a byproduct. It is perfect for small size condomoniums and light commercial applications.


Product Benefits

AES feature adopts the heating cycle automatically, which will facilitate water usage and save energy by minimizing thermal loss.

55°C, Max water temperature 75°C

Patented Glass-Lined protection by A.O. Smith for better tank life.

Indicates the amount of hot water available in the tank.

Product Specification

Volume [L]


Dimension (mm)

837 mm 473 mm

Rated Input Power/Rated Current [W/A]

Efficiency mode-210 / 0.95 Hybrid Turbo mode-2200 / 10 MAX mode-3000 / 13.7


Efficiency mode-540 Hybrid Turbo mode-2540 MAX mode-3000

Net weight [kg]


Brochures & Manuals

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