EWS-3L-Glass Lined-3kW-White

EWS is the instant water heater for your kitchen or bathroom. Think of it as a convenience or one of life’s small indulgences. It comes with a handful of great features.
Its superior quality and longer warranty provide you assurance and peace of mind

MRP:  5,200/-


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Product Benefits

Get instant hot water with high powered glass-coated incoloy heating element

Longer life in toughest water conditions with Blue Diamond® glass lined tank

Designed for high rise buildings with 8 bar pressure rating

Aluminium anode rod has 2X the lifespan of magnesium anodes used in ordinary water heaters. Aluminium more resistant to Scale formation.

Product Specification

AOSmith - Ews3L glasslined 3KW Instant Water Heater
Volume [L]


Power [W]


Power [W]


Rated water pressure [Bar]N/cm2


Inlet/Outlet connections [inch]

1/2 BSP