Smart Water Geysers With Smart Modes

Published on : April 26, 2022

When it comes down to hot water, it offers convenience for various needs and purposes. However, everyone has different needs at different times and, therefore, different temperature requirements for their hot water usage.When you have multiple needs for hot water at varied temperature settings, we understand the struggle of figuring it out independently. What if we have a smart water geyser with modes to indicate the correct temperature for multiple usages?Presenting Smart Modes-Consider Smart Modes to be the speed dials for the desired temperatures. 

You may have seen it in many aspects of your life:

  • The heating options on a microwave or an induction cooktop.
  • The washing modes in a washing machine.
  • The air conditioner settings in a car.

Smart Modes follow the principle of 3Cs – Convenience of usage, Choice of a variety of applications, and Conservation of electricity. To ensure that you experience no confusion in getting your desired temperature, with multiple options, while saving energy without thinking twice, Smart Modes are here to save your day.

A. O. Smith has introduced Smart Water Geysers to adhere to your hot water needs in the bathroom as easy as possible. With a convenient temperature control knob, as well as the app connectivity for certain A. O. Smith products like HeatBot Wifi, switch between 7 Smart Modes that are designed for various hot water purposes:

Here are various hot water purposes carried out in our daily life:

Pedicure Bring the foot care experience right to your home.
Bucket A bucket full of hot water in an instant.
Shower Step into a hot shower instantly.
Washing Get cleaner clothes with a quick, hot wash.
Mopping A hot water mop leads to sparkling floors in your home.
Bucket 2X For bigger buckets, there’s more hot water in storage or 2 buckets of hot water at one go (25 L storage)
Shower 2X For those who like long hot showers or if you need back-to-back 2 showers (25 L storage)

Explore the A. O. Smith range of Smart Water Geysers equipped with Smart Modes – Xpress, Finesse, HeatBot Wifi.

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