Tankless Water Heaters

Published on : April 11, 2022

Time is luxury! Even a few minutes spent waiting for a lift or standing in a queue to buy groceries seems like a burden. Sometimes, the situation is similar when you are waiting for a hot water bath.

But why wait when you can get an endless supply of hot water instantly? That’s what a tankless water heater is designed for. Make your daily hot water bath a better experience by stepping into a hot water shower and choosing your geysers wisely. So here are some compelling reasons to get yourself a time-saving, compact, and beautiful tankless water heater that will make your daily hot water bath a better experience.

6 reasons how you can have instant hot water with a tankless water heater

1. Instant Heating.

Tankless Water Heaters are equipped with a high-powered heating element that ensures instant water heating. AO Smith Zip Tankless geyser comes with a 5500 watts heating chamber, which heats water instantly as you turn the shower on. Due to the high-powered heating element, these water heaters provide longer showers without waiting. Also, flow actuated water makes it a safe proposition to use. 

2. Consistent Heating.

With tankless water heaters, you need not juggle between the faucets for mixing hot and cold water. Now, you can set the temperature of your choice and get consistent hot water as long as you like it.

3. Saves energy

As the geyser starts heating water only when required, Tankless Water heaters also help you save energy. This is because tankless geysers need not reheat the water when unused. Normal storage and instant geysers keep re-heating the water if left unused even for ten minutes while those are switched on. While this is not the case for most A. O. Smith Water Heaters, as they have BEE 5-Star Ratings, tankless water heaters heat only when water is drawn out from the shower or tap, saving energy. One of the biggest highlights of Zip Tankless geyser is that it uses only the required amount of energy for heating water as per the temperature of your choice. For instance, if you set the temperature at 40 degrees C, it will adjust the energy requirement on its own. Learn more about how to make your instant water heater energy efficient?

4. Smart Display & Feather Touch.

Zip Tankless Water heaters also have a Smart Display icon that shows the temperature setting. In addition, the Feather touch control allows you to adjust the temperature to your liking easily. For Zip Tankless geysers, you can also change the temperature with wet hands without compromising on the safety as it is IP25 rated.

5. Season Agnostic.

Usually, the heating time in a geyser depends upon the input water temperature. The input temperature is low during winters, so the geyser takes a longer time to heat water and cool down fast. However, with tankless water geysers, the water heats instantly at the pre-set temperature irrespective of the input water temperature. So, you will get the desired hot water even if it is extremely cold outside.

6. Compact Size.

Given its compact size with 25 x 25 cm dimensions, Zip Water heaters fit well and look good aesthetically. So, no space constraints! Moreover, you can fit it in any direction, and the display can be adjusted accordingly.

The A. O. Smith Zip is a Digital Tankless Water Heater that has been designed for the new-age requirements of consumers. With advanced features such as instant heating, compact size, and Smart Display, tankless water heaters will surely make your waiting time lesser and the bathing or hot water usage experience much better.

For quality and convenient hot water baths, just Zip it!


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