Toxins & Impurities In Your Tap Water


The need for purified drinking water from a water purifier is on an all time high. This is due to the deteriorating drinking water quality across the globe. Widespread water contamination is a result of industrial effluents, deforestation, excessive use of pesticides, improper waste disposal methods and several other factors.

How do you know if your water is safe?

The impurities in water are microscopic, but the effects of them in your body are transparent. Consequently, the water that flows from your taps may contain several contaminants that could affect your health adversely.

In order to make you understand the gravity of the situation, here are some of the most common types of impurities in water that contaminate drinking water.

Types of Impurities in Water
Impure water droplet under magnifying glass
Heavy Metals (Lead & Mercury)

Presence of heavy metals such as lead and mercury in drinking water can be fatal. Although they are naturally occurring elements, they can be extremely toxic. Lead is released in water due to old corroded water pipes. On the other hand, mercury is released into the air by industries such as thermal power plants that spread through rain or snow. If ingested, these heavy metals can cause severe health problems, and sometimes, even death.

Pharmaceutical Drugs

When pharmaceutical drugs are inefficiently processed by the body, they are eliminated through urine. These drugs ultimately end up in water resources through the drainage systems. Recent government studies show that more than 80% of water resources that were tested had traces of pharmaceutical drugs. Ingestion of these can cause severe health risks which can be avoided with multi stage purification water purifiers.

Pesticides and Herbicides

Pesticides and herbicides are used by farmers to kill the pests that damage crops. However, the excess pesticides seep into the soil or run off into rivers and lakes during rains. If ingested, these pesticides can wreak havoc on your body. Certain pesticides have also been linked to several types of cancer. Insecticides such as DDT cause reproductive issues and liver problems.


Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical to disinfect water. However, when used excessively, chlorine can harm your health. Being a reactive chemical, chlorine may form toxic byproducts like dichloramine and trichloramine which can interfere with your normal bodily functions.

Industrial Effluents

Industrial chemicals are the most toxic effluents that contaminate water. Many industries release toxic waste directly into natural water resources without treating them. This industrial waste contains several toxic compounds that cause fatal effects on your body.

How Does TDS Affect Drinking Water

TDS in water is another impurity that causes contamination. Suspended impurities are dissolved solids that act as contaminants as well. Water purifiers by A. O. Smith are now equipped with a TDS controller that ensures the levels of TDS in your water is of standard requirement. Drinking water TDS remains in check with the help of a good water filter for your family.

Removing Toxins and Impurities from Tap Water

The effects of impurities in water are life threatening. Homes that are still using tap water for drinking are risking their health. Given the presence of these deadly toxins, water purification has become the need of the hour. Just removing the sediments or boiling the water is not enough to obtain clean drinking water. There may be many dissolved impurities that need to be removed with specialized water filtration systems.

Best Water Filtration Systems For Safe Water
A. O. Smith water purifiers

RO+UV Water Purifier technology is the best water filter to obtain safe drinking water. RO water purifier (Reverse Osmosis) and UV water filter ensure safe and pure water with their multi-stage water purification technology. Other water purification methods such as boiling are not as successful in removing the dissolved toxins in the water. Whereas an RO purifier removes 98% of dissolved impurities from water. Baby safe water filters are now available for safe drinking water for your baby. Therefore, if you want to be assured about the quality of your drinking water, installing an RO water purifier is your best option.

A. O. Smith has a range of water purifiers dedicated to ensure the safety of your family. Get the best RO purifier with modern purification technology. Contact us for any queries or head to an A. O. Smith store for more information.

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