Upgrade to water purifiers with SCMT technology

Published on : October 3, 2022

Everyone wants clean water. Whether it’s for your well-being, or the sake of your loved ones – hydration is always priority number 1. But how clean is your water? How do you get rid of as much of the impurities and bacteria that you can? Here’s where SCMT comes in.

How do you purify your water?

If you’ve ever looked into water purification – you’ve heard of some of the ways you can clean your water. UV, UF, RO – they’re all great ways to get the best water you can. But what if we told you there’s a better way?


What is SCMT? 

SCMT (Silver Charged Membrane Technology) is the future. A combination of RO + UV gets rid of your bacteria and viruses, but there’s a lot more to purify [1]. A combination of RO + UV + UF goes much further, but it still can’t get rid of phosphates and isn’t capable of chemical reduction [2]. A combination of RO + SCMT takes care of all of these, making your water safe for drinking. The impurities in your feed water are taken care of , thanks to this highly advanced filtration technology [3].


Double protection with RO+ Silver Charged Membrane Technology

Water keeps us hydrated and healthy. The quantity of the water consumption may vary from person to person, but the quality should be as per the Drinking water standard. The water quality cannot be predicted with the number of additional filtration technologies apart from RO , in fact it’s all about selecting the cutting-edge technology to give double protected baby safe water.

Even though reverse osmosis is the best technology available for microbial and chemical reduction, the market demand for the secondary disinfection technology for reassuring the quality of the water they drink. In the market there are chemical and mechanical secondary filtration techniques which can be combined with RO.

Silver charged membrane technology reduces a wide range of pathogens, and cellular debris when compared to other secondary disinfection technology available in the market. The charge field covers the entire depth and the void volume of the media makes it more efficient. The crystal structure with strong positive charge attracts the negatively charged submicron particles. The depth filtration is made even more efficiently by tightly holding the contaminants.

RO in combination with the SCMT makes water baby safe. There are many other secondary disinfection technologies which comes in combination with the RO water purifier. The choice of the right combination gives you safe water. AO Smith water purifier comes with a promise of double purified water with RO + SCMT.



Contaminants in water are a big threat to the health of you and your loved ones. Technology has made it convenient & safer to drink pure and healthy drinking water, with A.O. Smith water purifiers leading the revolution. The question is – will you join us?

Check out our range of RO + SCMT purifiers here.

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