Water and its benefits to health


Hygiene starts with you! We take baths, wash our hands regularly and keep our surroundings clean. This is especially important considering the times we are going through. But that’s not all, it is equally important to eat healthy food, as well as maintain proper digestion and bowel movement. All these need pure and safe water.

Is safe drinking water linked to our health and hygiene?

Well the answer, according to many experts, is a BIG YES!!! Diseases related to inadequate water, sanitation and hygiene are a huge burden on developing countries. A 2004 WHO study estimated that 88% of diarrhoeal disease is

caused by unsafe water supply, and inadequate sanitation and hygiene [1]. “The most predominant waterborne disease, diarrhoea, has an estimated annual incidence of 4.6 billion episodes and causes 2.2 million deaths every year,” estimated another WHO study in 2010 [2].

Throughout the day we consume much water and drinks like tea, coffee and juices. For all these we need safe drinking water. The quality of water greatly impacts our health and hygiene. It is a part of our daily lives.

Clean water is needed to hydrate our bodies and helps with digestion , and some might also say, helps us sleep better. Some studies claim that drinking hot water in the morning can help with bowel movement[3]. Even some governments promote the importance of bowel movement in their public health publications. [4] If the colon is cleaned, then the nutrients of the food eaten will be absorbed.

Water intake differs with our body types, diets and lifestyles. The universal rule of eight glasses a day is simply not applicable to everyone. We should drink water BEFORE we feel thirsty, and listen to and observe our bodies. Dry lips, headache and tiredness are some of the indications of inadequate water intake. [5]]. It is quite clear that adequate water intake is very important for good health. What is equally important is the quality of the water we drink. Therefore we must be very careful when selecting a water purifier. A. O. Smith water purifiers provide 8 stages of purification to give baby-safe, pure drinking water. What’s more, some of its models like P6, P7, Z8, Z9 and Z1 provide instant hot purified water for your needs. Be Sure, Be Safe!


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