Choosing the best Water Purifier for your home


Confused about how to select the ideal water purifier option for you and your family? Don’t worry, read this space to address all your concerns.  
When deciding upon the type of water purifier to buy for home use, many people are unsure about where to begin. We are happy to provide a step-by-step guide to help you find the right purifier for you, your family and your home.
But first some basics- 
Every home has access to a maximum of 4 forms of water supply:
Municipal water supply
Hand pump
Water tanker

Each source, or a combination of many sources will have varying TDS levels (Total Dissolved Solids), which is the first aspect that you need to determine, according to which, you can move on to the next step.

What is TDS?
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)– refers to the minerals, salts, metals, etc. dissolved in water. It is measured in ppm (Parts per million)
Hardness– is the measure of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water, while TDS is a measure of all dissolved solids
Hardness is a part of TDS so the more the hardness of water, the more the TDS will be. 
Heavy Metal Contamination– It is the excessive presence of metals like lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic, etc in the water. 

1. Find out the Water Source at home.

2. Choose the Technology

As part of the purification process, a combination of multiple filtration systems ensures that you get the safest, clean and healthy drinking water. You must ensure that the water purifier you choose will have at least one pre-purification, one purification and one post-treatment technology.                                       

Check out our Z9 Water Purifier powered with 8-stage purification process that gives you 100% RO purified, baby-safe water

Pre-purification(overview of different water filters)

There are 2 pre-purification systems that ensure the removal of impurities from water.
Sediment filter/Pre-filter: An external filter that removes suspended solids like dirt, sand, rust, etc.
Pre-carbon filter: By getting rid of organic chemicals, VOCs, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine and its byproducts, this filter removes odour and improves the water’s taste.
Having both these technologies would be recommended for the best pre-purification outcome.

Primary Technology

Once the visible impurities are removed, the primary filters ensure that pure water is attained without unnatural influence.

Reverse Osmosis Technology pushes water through a membrane, assuring that only pure water passes through the other side, thereby eliminating any harmful substances. This technology is recommended for water sources of all TDS levels. A.O. Smith RO Water Purifiers ensure 100% pure water through its patented Side Stream RO technology.
Ordinary RO + UV
While each technology has its advantages, a combination of both has its issues in ordinary water purifiers, as some of the water goes through UV while bypassing the RO membrane first.
Ordinary RO+ UV water purifiers bypass some water directly to UV without passing through the RO membrane.
This gives way to harmful substances like TDS, lead, arsenic, fluoride, pesticides and other chemicals, which may lead to severe health effects.
A.O. Smith RO Water Purifiers ensure 100% water passes through its patented Side Stream RO technology, preventing such issues. 
Using electromagnetic radiation, UV rays deactivate any viruses, bacteria or other microorganisms found in the water by altering the DNA of the cells. For water sources with TDS levels below 200, this technology is highly effective.

Secondary Technology

This technology accompanies the primary technology to give the best purification results.
UV lamp filter is also used as a secondary source of purification along with RO. It uses the same mechanism as described above.
Ultrafiltration is capable of removing most contaminants, excluding viruses, chemical reductions and phosphates.
A membrane with bigger pores than UF can remove most contaminants, excluding viruses, colloids, chemical reductions and phosphates.

Silver Charged Membrane Technology( SCMT) is a membrane charged with silver particles. Its design is patented by A.O. Smith. This technology is more effective than UV, UF, and MF as it not only removes bacteria, viruses, cysts but also colloids, particulates and endotoxins.
Post Treatment technology- (overview of different water filters)
Serving as the final stage of filtration, this technology ensures that the water is in its finest form for consumption.
Post-carbon filter
Similar to the Pre-carbon filter, the same process can be repeated on the water to remove odour and improve the taste.
Mineral filter
To ensure that the water has a balanced pH, this filter adds essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.
In-tank protection
By including a UV LED lamp inside the tank, the purified stored remains fresh and clean by preventing microorganisms from growing.
3. Choose Storage Capacity
Storage capacity is mostly dependent on the number of people that require it in a household. 

The water storage tank in most purifiers are generally made of food-grade plastic. A.O. Smith water purifiers are made using 100% food-grade plastic, which is absolutely safe for drinking water storage.

1.Decide Placement

Deciding upon where your water purifier sits will depend on the size and aesthetics of your kitchen. A.O. Smith Water Purifiers provide 3 convenient options, namely Wall Mount, Table Top and Under-the-Counter.
These options speak for themselves. However, do note that Under-the-Counter water purifiers come with an elegant faucet on the sink that dispenses water above.

Value added features 
You can always expect extra benefits with A.O. Smith Water Purifiers, as they can include the following value-added features:
Hot Water
Ranging from warm to hot, 45oC to 80oC specifically, the Z1, Z8, Z9 and Proplanet P7, & P6 models by A.O. Smith provides mineralized hot water at the press of a button that is heated within a steel tank. Incorporating drinking hot water on a regular basis leads to health benefits like relief from nasal congestion and sore throat relief, enhancing blood circulation, smooth digestion and body detoxification.
Water Saving
We share a desire to promote sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle. As part of RO purification leads to rejection of impure water, the pure water that passes through is lesser than expected. 
Water recovery means the percentage of water that passes through the RO membrane and is recovered as pure water, which is a percentage of the water saved. 
Most water purifiers in the market recover only one glass of pure water for every 4 glasses of input. So the recovery is 25%.
Some of our water purifiers include ART Max (Advanced Recovery Technology), which saves more than 9000L of water annually. The new Proplanet series is India’s First 5 star rated water purifier series in terms of water savings and has a recovery of more than 60%

Night Assist

Serving as an aid in the dark, as well as elevating the purifier’s beauty, the Night Assist is a handy feature that is included in some A.O. Smith Water Purifiers for home.

Most brands offer a 1 year warranty against any manufacturing defects but doesn’t cover any filters.
A.O. Smith’s 1 year comprehensive warranty covers any and all issues with the product, including covering RO membrane, all filters and electrical and functional parts.
So what are you waiting for? Explore the A.O. Smith Water Purifier range and find the one that is ideal for you and your home.

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