Which water purifier is good for home?


With the onset of monsoons comes the worry of protecting your family from all sorts of water-borne diseases. From flooding to sewage mixing with the drinking water, anything can lead to health problems in this season. Boiling water to kill bacteria at such a time isn’t enough. What you need is the best water purifier for your home, and we’ve got them all! Keeping in mind all the factors possible.

Here’s how you can choose the right water purifier for your home.

1. Analyse Water Quality

One of the most important factors that affect water quality is the contamination of water by organic and inorganic compounds. That’s when you need to opt for an RO Water Purifier, that’ll eliminate the tiniest of particles through the RO membrane.

Ultra Filtration systems eliminate suspended solids but can’t kill micro-organisms.
Ultra Violet Technologies can kill microorganisms & pathogens but cannot eliminate them.
Only an RO purifier successfully eliminates harmful elements, retains the necessary nutrients, and reduces the TDS levels of water all at once, making it fit for consumption.
If the water you receive is hard, choose a water purifier with RO + UV Technology

2. Check for a Carbon Filter

The best way to treat impurities like chlorine, pesticides and other chemicals is by eliminating them using an activated carbon filter. This gets rid of impurities through a thin porous membrane but doesn’t eliminate dissolved solids. Make sure you invest in the best water purifier for your home, which has multiple filters to filter out all kinds of particles.

3. Assess Water Storage Capacity

Taking into consideration factors like number of family members, water consumption, locality and so on, analyse the storage capacity of the purifier before choosing the best one for your household.

4. Check for Certifications

Be it an RO Water Purifier or any other, ensure that the purifier you’re investing in is a certified one, marking its credibility. A certified water filter indicates that the brand is authentic and provides nothing but the best service.

5. Inquire about After Sales Service and Maintenance Costs

Simply analysing an RO Water Purifier price before investing in one isn’t enough. Just like any other machine, a water purifier too can succumb to wear-and-tear and you will need to bear maintenance costs. Ensure that the company selling the product is reliable and can help you out any time you need. At AO Smith, after-sales services is our top priority and all our products are sold with a 1-year warranty so that you enjoy a rather smooth drinking experience.

6. Read Customer Feedback

There is a plethora of reviews available on the internet. With easy access, make sure to read through those to make an informed decision.

7. Price

Ensure that the RO Water Purifier price fits well in your budget and yet provides you with all the features for a satisfactory experience.
Buying the best water purifier for home is a fairly simple process. We’ll make it simpler. Browse our range of products and choose your ideal product, today!

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