Saving Space: Why Horizontal Geysers are Ideal for Loft Mounting?

Published on : September 12, 2023


In the ever-evolving world of home appliances, innovation continues to shape our living spaces. From televisions to washing machines, appliances today are designed to be compact to complement modern spaces. Home appliances have evolved owing to changing customer preferences and applications. Similarly, installing a horizontal water geyser has emerged as one of the latest trends, capturing rapid popularity due to its ability to optimize space.

Why Should You Opt for Horizontal Geysers?

Urban and semi-urban cities are witnessing an explosion in population. Owing to the limited availability of land in these cities, apartment housing is gaining exponential traction. Apartments are customized with designated installation space for home appliances, which is often limited.

Bathrooms in apartment housing have allotted space for horizontal water heaters. One of the primary benefits of horizontal geysers is their compact size, making them ideal for spaces with limited space.

They are an excellent space-saving solution that provides superior functionality. They give an immaculate look to your bathroom since these water heaters are concealed in false ceilings.

Horizontal water heaters optimize space and add a modern touch to the bathrooms. They can be placed in lofts or above false ceilings.

Benefits of Mounting Geysers Horizontally:

Efficient Heating:

The horizontal design of these geysers optimizes the heating process, ensuring faster and more uniform water heating. No more waiting for hot water; it’s readily available for daily needs.

Energy Savings:

Horizontal geysers often come with advanced insulation that minimizes heat loss, resulting in energy savings. You’ll enjoy lower energy bills by reducing the amount of heat loss and retaining water’s temperature for a few hours.

Safety Considerations:

Safety should be a top priority while installing any home appliance, and horizontally mounted geysers are no exception. Proper installation techniques, leakage prevention measures, and adequate insulation are critical for a safe setup.

Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and seek professional help when needed to ensure a secure installation.

A.O. Smith India offers a range of horizontal water heaters that are designed to be compact and save installation space, with a diameter of 320mm*. To complement the plumbing requirements of the bathroom, these geysers come with an inlet-outlet configuration of left-side and right-side. These geysers start from a capacity of 15 Liters and go up to 100 Liters.

Hence, the customers can choose on the basis of their consumption requirements.

Moreover, A. O. Smith horizontal water heaters come with a pressure resistance of 8 Bar which is suitable for high rise buildings. Features like a thermal cut-out, thermostat, and a multi-function safety valve ensure a safe set-up.

A. O. Smith offers installation services for its products. You can register for the product installation through the website or call 1860 500 2468. Moreover, A. O. Smith water heaters are designed with several safety features that ensure hazard-free operation.


In the quest for efficient, space-conscious home solutions, the popularity of loft-mounted horizontal geysers continues to rise. They add a touch of modernity to bathrooms with their sleek design and concealed installation.

Furthermore, with safety features and warranties, you can be assured that the investment is space-saving and secure. As demand for efficient and space-saving solutions grows, horizontal geysers are leading the charge to a more streamlined and efficient future.

If you’re looking to make the switch to a more innovative water heating solution, check out A.O.Smith water heaters to explore a range of high-quality, innovative, and safe options.

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