4 Simple Hard Water Solutions

21st September, 2017

Hard water leads to a number of problems faced in most of the households in the country.  It’s one of those pesky problems that never go away and is more common in high sediment areas.

What is hard water?

Hard water has high levels of dissolved minerals. You may see these minerals in the form of hard water stains usually seen when the water evaporates and leaves behind mineral deposits on the surface.

What are the effects of hard water?

There is a common misconception that hard water is bad for you. However, that is not the case. Hard water is not unhealthy. In fact, the minerals present in the water increase your daily intake of recommended minerals and in turn protect you from various kinds of diseases. On the other hand, even though hard water is good for your body, it may not necessarily be good for your home utensils, electrical appliances, and pipes.

The water may leave behind white residue on glassware, dishes, and sinks. The same residue may result in a buildup inside pipes. Other problems may include reduced effectiveness of cleaning agents as well as an increase in rusting. The above buildup in the pipe may also result in your plumbing system as well as water heater using up a lot more energy. This excess usage in energy will eventually lead higher electricity bills.

How to deal with these effects?

From vinegar to water purifiers, here are some tips on how you can fight the effects of hard water.

  1. Water heaters

    Keep flushing your water heater to reduce the amount of junk present at the bottom of the tank.

  2. Vinegar

    Vinegar is very effective in dissolving the calcium deposits of hard water. The added advantage is that it kills bacteria, mold, and other germs.

  3. Soap

    Soap up your dishes and glassware to minimize hard water deposits. To remove soap scum, add a combination of one part of apple cider and three parts of purified water.

  4. Water purifier

    Get a good quality water filter for home use. This will eliminate all the unnecessary salts and minerals from the hard water, letting you enjoy the taste of purified water.

With the above tips, reduce the negative effects of hard water and keep your home appliances safe.