Making Informed Decisions For Water Purifiers Answering FAQs

Published on : December 15, 2023

Water is one of the most essential elements for sustaining life, and access to clean drinking water is crucial for our health and well-being. Sadly, not all water sources provide water that is safe for consumption. This is where water purifiers come into play. But why do people buy water purifiers in the first place?

The water from our taps may look clean, but lurking beneath the surface are contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, chemicals, heavy metals, and sediments. Consuming water tainted with these impurities can lead to a myriad of health issues. To ensure the safety and purity of their drinking water, people turn to water purifiers.

How Do Water Purifiers Work?

Water purifiers employ various technologies to remove impurities and contaminants from water. The basic principle involves passing water through a filtration system to trap and eliminate unwanted substances. Let’s focus on two types of filtration processes – Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultraviolet (UV) purification.

Reverse Osmosis RO:

RO purifiers use a semi-permeable membrane to remove particles, ions, and larger molecules. It effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, dissolved salts, and heavy metals, ensuring clean and safe drinking water.

Ultraviolet UV Purification:

UV purifiers use UV-C rays to sterilize and disinfect water and disinfect harmful microorganisms like bacteria and viruses without using chemicals.

Apart from the purification process, people consider many parameters when choosing water purifiers.

Which Water Purifier Suits You Best?

Assessing the quality of your water source is the first step in determining the right water purifier for your needs. You can do this by getting your water tested for contaminants, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), and other parameters.

Under-the-Counter Purifiers:

These are installed beneath your kitchen sink, saving counter space and providing a continuous supply of purified water.

Over-the-Counter Purifiers:

These sit on your kitchen counter and are easy to install, making them suitable for renters or those who prefer a portable option.

There are mainly three types of water sources – Municipal water, mixed water, or tanker water, and borewell water. Whether you choose an RO or UV water purifier depends on the source of water as well.

You can refer to our guide to choose the right water purifier for your home.

Choosing the right water purifier is a very important step, and many buyers look for information to buy the most suitable one for them. Let’s look at a few such frequently asked questions.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is 5-Star Rated Technology in Water Purifiers?

The A.O. Smith ProPlanet series has a water recovery of more than 60%. It is India’s 1st and only 5 star rated water purifier in terms of water savings, as certified by the IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials). A. O. Smith’s ProPlanet series, including models P7, P6, P4, P3, and P5, are the only 5-star rated 100% RO water purifiers in India.

2. What is Advance Alert Technology?

Advance Alert Technology indicates in advance when the RO membrane and other filters need to be changed. This feature ensures that your purifier continues to consistently provide safe water.

3. Does RO water purifier enhance taste?

A.O. Smith RO water purifiers help retain natural taste with essential minerals and balanced pH using MIN-TECH (Mineralizer Technology). The Mineralizer Technology adds essential minerals to the water. This ensures that the water tastes fresh and natural and has a balanced pH, an essential requirement for drinking water.

4. Is RO water safe for babies?

In A.O. Smith RO Water Purifiers, 100% of the water passes through the RO Membrane and is double purified by SCMT technology. Its 8-stage purification makes the water so pure that it is safe, even for babies.

Before making your final decision, it’s crucial to check all the features of the product to ensure that you choose the right water purifier that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

Whether you’re concerned about TDS levels, water source, capacity, or additional features, we have water purifiers designed to meet your unique requirements. We urge you to make an informed decision to ensure that you and your family enjoy safe and pure drinking water every day.

A. O. Smith aims to simplify the process of choosing the right purifier for you. Use our Product Discovery tool to get recommendations based on your family’s size, water source, purifier technology, placement, and additional features!




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