Choosing The Right Water Heater For Your Home

28th November, 2017

Choosing The Right Water Heater For Your Home

Nothing can beat the relaxation of a steaming hot bath. Water heaters are one of the most important household appliances. However, when it comes to buying a new water heater for your home, you must choose your water heater carefully. Generally, people tend to buy water heaters in a hurry because they don’t want to be deprived of hot water especially during the winters. However, buying them in a hurry might result in losses over the long term. Water heaters consume a heavy amount of electricity and if you don’t pick the right water heater, you may have to pay hefty electricity bills. The purchase and maintenance cost of a water heater varies according to the brand and the type of heating mechanism used. So here are the important points you need to consider before buying a water heater.

Type of Water Heater

1. Conventional storage water heaters

Storage water heaters are the most popular type of water heater. These water heaters can maintain a reserve of hot water which is ready to be released whenever you turn on your taps. Although they are extremely convenient to use, they consume a lot of electricity as it needs to constantly heat the water in the reservoir tank to maintain the hot temperature. Hence it consumes electricity even in the standby mode.

2. Instant water heaters

Instant water heaters or on demand water heaters avoid standby electricity loss. An Instant water heater heats the water only when the tap is turned on. As soon as it switched on, cold water travels up to the heating element inside, turns hot and flows out from the tap.

3. Air water heaters

Air water heaters generate heat from the air, hence it is extremely efficient in terms of electricity consumption. You can save up to 60% of your electricity consumption with air water heaters.

4. Solar water heaters

Solar water heaters are the most energy efficient water heater as they rely on energy from the sun. However, installation of solar water heaters can be very expensive and may not be affordable for every household. Hence they are generally used as industrial water heaters.

Size of the Water Heater

The size of the water heater must be chosen according to the number of members in the family. The size of the water heater matters a lot in case of storage water heaters. In order to ensure a steady hot water supply for all members of the family, it is important to choose the storage accordingly. Generally, storage water heaters are available in four variants in term of size. Here’s how to pick the right size for your family.

  • 1-2 members - Upto 6 - 10 Litre Capacity
  • 2-3 members - Upto 15 - 25 Litre Capacity
  • More than 4 members - 30 Litre or Above Capacity

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a very important factor to consider when buying a water heater. Even the best water geyser can consume a high amount of electricity. Therefore, always check the energy efficiency ratings of a water heater before purchase. A water heater with an energy rating of 5 stars will give you the highest energy efficiency.