Distilled Water v/s Purified Water

2nd July, 2018

Choosing The Right Water Heater For Your Home

When it comes to choosing the purest form of drinking water, you might have come across terms like distilled water and purified water quite frequently. And even though they may appear to be the same on the surface, they are not.

Let us understand what these differences are, why they are important, and ultimately, which one is a better choice for your home.

Distilled Water Vs Purified Water

Water that has been treated through the process of distillation is known as distilled water. This method involves boiling water and collecting the steam that forms in a container. Since the components of water have different boiling points, the process is carried out multiple times. This leaves us with water that is completely devoid of impurities and minerals.

Purified water is the type of water that undergoes a filtration process. It can be produced using various methods such as reverse osmosis, deionization, carbon filtration, water softening, and so on. While this process forces the water to get rid of chemical contaminants such as chlorine and copper, it ensures that certain minerals are retained.

Both distilled and purified water have their own uses, but for the purpose of consumption, the difference boils down to one significant factor: minerals. When water is distilled, it lacks minerals like calcium, magnesium, and fluoride that are essential for maintaining a balanced diet. And even though it is safe to drink, missing out on these organic minerals can affect your health and even dehydrate you.

Another important line of distinction is that distillation systems consume more energy and are often inefficient. On the other hand, water purification systems consume far less energy and are easier to install in your home, making them a better option for domestic use.

The Best Choice for Water Filters in India

We at A. O. Smith offer an extensive line of water purifier that provide clean drinking water to you and your family. Our products use high-end technologies such as RO and UV water filtration that work to remove impurities and make water safe.

While the RO (Reverse Osmosis) membrane filters water to remove dissolved salts and other pollutants, UV (Ultraviolet) destroys harmful pathogens and microorganisms. The use of these technologies ensures purification even under extreme conditions.

Additionally, our custom 8-stage water purification process retains essential natural minerals like calcium and magnesium so that you enjoy not only clean but also healthy water.

A. O. Smith’s X-Series Water Filters and Z-Series Water Purifiers are designed with care, which is why they are environment-friendly, easy to operate, and look beautiful in your kitchen.

So, if you are looking to raise the bar on purity in your home, choose AO Smith Water Purifier.