Everything you need to know when planning to buy an Under-the-Counter Water Purifier

Published on : December 6, 2022

Water purifiers have become a modern-day need rather than a luxury since the tap water supply in many homes across the country may be contaminated with traces of sewage or even chemicals [1].
This is where an under-the-counter water purifier can help you. An under-sink water purifier is much like its regular wall-mounted counterpart. However, considering how people nowadays want neat and compact kitchen spaces, an under-counter water purifier can be installed under the counter or the sink, leaving space on the walls for cabinets and other storage racks.

What is the Technology behind Under-the-Counter UTC Water Purifiers?


Under-the-counter water purifiers make use of reverse osmosis technology, so that water can be supplied from a single outlet.  The design makes it compact to fit under your counter. The use of high-end technology and its 6 stage purification make it an efficient water purifier to meet the requirement of the customer to get purified water. The RO filtration system comprises several stages of filtration to remove impurities from potable water, such as arsenic, chlorine, and others. [2]

Main factors to consider when buying UTC Water Purifiers

Several factors can influence your choice of a UTC water purifier, some of them include:

Easy Installation 

Ensure that the under-sink water purifier can be set up easily under your kitchen counter without making excessive changes or renovating the section. Generally, the water purifier installation should be hassle-free and can be completed within an hour.

Scope of Cleaning

If you want to fit the water purifier under the counter, ensure that you are able to access the spot for regular cleaning. Since you will be getting your potable water supply from the purifier, the surrounding area should be clean and free from dust particles, debris, crumbs, etc.

Power Supply

Be sure to check if your UTC water purifier will be able to store enough water in case of an unsteady power supply in your home. Hence, in case of a power cut, you should still be able to get clean drinking water. Electric water purifiers can store up to 5- 8Ltr of water.


While you should not compromise on the quality of your under-counter water purifier to save some money, you can do a cost-benefit analysis between a few UTC water purifiers before choosing one that fits your budget and works efficiently. Consider this an important investment for your home!

Benefits of UTC Water Purifiers

Saves Space

The design and installation of UTC water purifiers can save a lot of countertop space. Also, since the purifier is located under the counter, it gives your kitchen wall a clutter-free appearance.

Better Water Flow

An under-sink water purifier uses a hydropneumatic tank that uses optimal pressure, resulting in better water flow and pressure. As a result of this, you need not spend a long time filling water bottles[3].

Clean Potable Water

Since the reverse osmosis technology used in the UTC water purifiers filters out traces of contamination and impurities, you get clean water that is safe for consumption, be it for your family or your pets!

With these benefits and many others, check out the A. O. Smith India range of UTC water purifiers for more!



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