Available water purifier technologies & emerging trend of Under the Counter water purifiers


If you are confused with the myriad of water purifier options available in the market, don’t worry, this blog will help you select the right water purifier technology based on your needs. Water purifier has become an indispensable household product that plays a crucial role in safeguarding the health of your family. To start off with, what essentially is a water purifier? A water purifier is device that removes undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants and suspended solids from water ensuring you get pure, clean and safe drinking water. The first step in deciding the right water purification technology is to know the source of water at your home. If the source of water in your home is municipal supply, then the probable TDS range (PPM) will be < 200 & you can opt for a UV or UV+ water purifier. However, if the source of water at your home is Borewell, water tanker or a mix of municipal supply & borewell/water tanker, then the probable TDS range (PPM) will be >200 and the recommended water purification technology you should go for is RO or RO+. Within these technologies of RO/RO+ or UV/UV+ also there are different water purifier options based on your placement need, be it wall mounted/table top or Under the counter water purifier.

Indian modular kitchen market projected to grow at 27% CAGR* for 2019-2024. Considering the rising trend of modular kitchens, under the counter water purifiers is gaining popularity. If you don’t want to spoil the décor of your carefully done kitchen interiors, this is the water purifier technology you should go for. There are several advantages of under the counter water purifiers which has been highlighted below:

  1. Elevates your kitchen Décor– An under the counter water purifier, allows you to keep your counter and kitchen clutter free, by utilizing the generally un-utilized under the counter space. 
  2. Saves valuable cabinet space– An under-the-counter water purifier stays hidden in the kitchen cabinet under the sink and saves valuable top cabinet space, which can then be used for keeping other things.
  3. Convenient to use- A convenient high curved tap, known as the faucet or the purified water tap or gooseneck faucet, is fitted on the sink next to the main kitchen tap. This is very convenient to fill bottles or utensils, since the utensils/bottles can be kept on the kitchen sink and filled without you holding it.
  4. No spillage of water-There is no problem if water spills over the bottle/utensil, when full, since water falls directly into the sink. It is also more convenient to fill a large utensil when holding it under the waist level compared to when holding it above as in the case of wall mounted water purifiers.
  5. Saves time- The water comes out of the faucet with good pressure and flow since the purified water is stored in a large hydrostatic air pressurised bladder tank under the counter allowing you to fill a 1 litre bottle in a few seconds. The pressure in the hydrostatic tank of the under the counter RO is always good, since it gets filled with purified water automatically, with the full pressure of the electric pump of the under the counter RO unit. When there is no electricity, you still get purified water with good pressure from hydrostatic water storage tank of the under-the counter RO unit through the purified water tap or faucet.

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