How do you know if your water is safe?


While the water you drink every day looks clean, do you know what all it contains? Due to rapid industrialization and urbanization, many sources of drinking water are becoming polluted. Some chemicals that may be found in these water bodies include lead, chloroform, arsenic, pesticides, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Through a network of pipes, this water is transported to our households where it is used for purposes such as drinking, bathing, cooking, and others. However, merely boiling this water is not enough.

As mentioned above, this clean-looking water may contain a number of pollutants. The only way to find out how pure is your water is by testing it.

The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation has set up labs to test the quality of water in areas across the country. You could log onto their website ( or to find out about the quality of water in your area. Testing the water that comes to your home is also important as it will help you select the best water filter for home

Apart from the test results, another way to keep your family safe and ensure that they drink clean water is by purifying the water.

Few ways to purify water include:

Tap water filters

This is the first step to ensure that you get clean water. These are simple filters that one can attach to the taps in their home. They kill bacteria and other micro organisms and effectively filter out the water.

Reverse osmosis (RO) water filter systems

While the above filter removes bacteria and other bigger particles of dirt from the water, it tends to ignore the finer particles as well as salts that are present in the water. RO water purification systems filter out the impurities that are smaller than one micron and are dissolved in the water. Some of these impurities include arsenic, fluoride, radium, lead, and more. As a result, you get safe RO purified water to drink.

So, set up an entire water purification process and keep your family safe and healthy at all times.

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