• What is A. O. Smith Power of 1 Service?

    A. O. Smith’s power of 1 service is a unique solution to customer service requests. A. O. Smith, via this pioneering service, is committed to respond to the customer’s problem within 1 hour of the call being registered on the toll free number. The problem experienced by the customer is to be rectified within one working day. And the solution will be provided the first time itself. This service, a first of its kind in the market, is a testament to the time and effort we invest in ensuring a positive and appealing customer experience.

  • How will A. O. Smith Power of 1 Service benefit me?

    At A. O. Smith we have the customer in mind at all times. This is why our Power of 1 Service has been designed in a way to address your concerns swiftly and satisfactorily.

    A. O. Smith provides solutions via its factory trained technicians to ensure resolution to a problem within a day and in the first time itself. Our technicians are well trained at the A. O. Smith factory and are equipped with the most advanced tools needed to fix the problem instantly. They not only identify the root cause of a problem within minutes but also provide the right solutions immediately.

  • How do I report a problem?

    At A. O. Smith all our solutions are designed keeping customer’s convenience and satisfaction in mind. You can reach us through following options.

    Restricted to service requests only.

    1. You can call on our Toll Free No. : 1800-103-2468. Call Centre is operational on Monday to Friday between 8 am to 8 pm and between 9 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays
    2. You can send us an SMS 24x7 on +91 99410 32468
    3. You can write a mail to us 24x7 on aosmithcs@aosmithindia.com.

    Whichever way you contact us, our well trained customer care executives will swiftly answer your call and transfer your request to the respective company service technician using state-of-the-art service systems. Needless to say, we value all our customers equally, and take care of their convenience. Our services are available in English & Hindi.

  • For Service, can I contact the dealer from where I bought the product?

    A. O. Smith takes its service obligations seriously. And all service calls are handled directly by the company.

    At A. O. Smith, we believe that the best way to ensure a high quality of service and to maintain uniform standards is to have a centralised team directing operations across the country. Our systems have all relevant records of our customers and details of products they have purchased from us, which helps us to understand your service requirements and reduce the downtime.

    At A. O. Smith we recommend that you register your service request to our dedicated Customer Care Centre.

    Our Customer Care Centre is fully equipped to handle your request and suggest future course of action, if any.

  • Who will come to Service my product?

    The service team is made up of technicians and supervisors who are extensively trained and managed by A. O. Smith. We pride ourselves on our team of qualified and trained

    Service technicians. Our Service technicians will ensure attendance at the time given and agreed upon with relevant and immediate solutions.

  • Does A. O. Smith, always provide Service at home?

    Yes, all A. O. Smith products are serviced and attended at the place of installation within the defined serviceable area. You can refer to our website or call our Customer Care Centre for more details on serviceable areas. In case product is bought by customer in non-serviceable area, where A. O.  Smith is not available, customer need to bring product on his/her cost to nearby serviceable area. AO Smith will treat product within warranty as per date of purchase & warranty terms.

  • How long will it take to get my product working?

    A. O. Smith provides one of the best service response time across all product categories.

    Within an hour of you calling the Customer Care Centre, our Service technician will give you a call to fix an appointment for a service visit.

    You can be sure of a visit from a qualified and trained Company Service technician the same day of your call and be assured of a resolution to your service request same day. For details please refer to our website or contact Customer Care Centre.

  • How does A. O. Smith deliver on Service response time?

    Our service network competency is in almost every corner of India. Advanced service systems are equipped to handle your product’s scheduled maintenance and service requests. And appointments are also logged in advance for proactive calling at our end which results in timely response.

  • What is the Warranty on my A. O. Smith product?

    Our water purifiers come with a standard warranty of one year and water heaters comes with a standard warranty of two years. There could be an extended warranty on some components or products, details of which are mentioned in the product manual and in sales communications.

  • What if the Warranty on my product has expired?

    A. O. Smith stands by all its products. If the warranty on your product has expired, A. O. Smith will repair it and replace failed components, at a cost. After the warranty period we offer various service contracts. Details of various service contracts are mentioned in this booklet. You can contact the Customer Care Centre or visit our website to know more and enroll in one.

  • What components are covered under the Warranty?

    Parts other than consumables and plastic components are covered under the warranty and they should not be subjected to misuse. Please read the product manual for complete warranty details.

  • What components are not covered under the Warranty?

    Consumables like filters, carbon filters, RO membranes and plastic parts for water purifiers and anode, outer plastic body of water heaters are not part of the standard warranty unless and until specifically mentioned in communication or offered at the time of purchase by A. O. Smith. Please read the product user manual for more warranty details.

  • Which are the consumables that need replacement from time to time?

    A. O. Smith RO water purifiers need certain consumables to be replaced periodically to ensure optimum delivery of pure water. Parts like Pre-filter, Sediment filter, Pre Carbon filter, RO Membrane, Silver Activated Post Carbon, SCMT and MIN-TECH require periodic change depending upon usage and water quality. In water heaters anode requires periodic replacement depending upon usage and water quality. For more details please refer product user manual.

  • What is A. O. Smith Service Contract?

    After the completion of the standard warranty period your product will be protected against certain mechanical and technical problems. Periodical product health check visit will be provided for your product by authorised service personnel. The contract ensures continuous product performance through regular product health check visits which ensure protection for longer periods. Please refer page 5 to know more about service contracts.

  • How do I buy the Service Contract?

    As your product nears the end of its warranty, A. O. Smith will call you to enter into a Product Health Care Plan tailor-made for you. Alternatively feel free to call the Customer Care Centre for the product health care plans and a representative will visit you to help and choose a plan to fit your requirements. All charges are payable by Credit/Debit Card/Cash/Cheque/DD in favour of the company in advance. You will receive the invoice for the exact amount you have paid for consumables from the company or an A.O. Smith authorised representative

  • How do I pay for the consumables?

    Consumable charges are payable by Credit/Debit Card/Cash/ Cheque/DD in favour of the company. You will receive the invoice for the exact amount you have paid for consumables from the company or from A. O. Smith authorised representative.

  • How do I register my water heater?

    It's simple, A. O. Smith has a dedicated Customer Care Centre, with a toll free number [1800-103-2468]. Just call this number anytime on Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm and provide these brief details:

    •Date of purchase

    •Model number

    •Serial number

    •Installation address

    •Contact number

    And for your convenience, the Customer Care Centre is staffed with people who can communicate in various languages.

  • Why do I have to register my water heater?

    A. O. Smith markets its products through a network of authorised dealers from whom customers buy their products. To render this service effectively A. O. Smith needs to have all available details of the purchase so that you benefit from the full warranty period i.e., date of purchase and not from date of manufacture. The changeable colour panels, available on the purchase of specific models are provided only after registration of the product within 60 days of purchase.